Attention Men! Do You Know These Top 3 Secret Seduction Techniques?

If you want to b the man which women dream of dating, you will not want to leave for a few minutes. Here are 3 seduction techniques you should be well aware of. If you are not, I can promise adding these things to your game will boost your results substantially. Let’s get started.

Attention Men! Do You Know These Top 3 Secret Seduction Techniques?

Self-Expression Rules

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of attraction. If you are still trying to impress women by being the party guy or the ‘entertainer’ you will never get anything more than the occasional one night stand.

Self-expression shows that you are inwardly centered. This means that you draw your sense of value from within rather than looking for ego validation from others. The prelude to self-expression is first finding your inner self. The alpha man that’s been hidden away by all the social conditioning.

Whatever You Feel, She Feels

Are you putting tons of pressure on yourself to get a woman’s number? Maybe you just met her, or maybe you’ve had a crush on her forever. At this stage, most men will make it a life or death situation.

What this actually does is introduce tons of tense feelings into the interaction and makes you seem very unnatural. Women are very intuitive beings. They feed off of your energy and feelings. They will look for you to take the lead.

Be easy going, fun, and never make anything too serious than it really is. This alone will make you immensely attractive.

Strong Sense of Reality

You need to emit the strongest reality. What does this mean?

It means becoming a man of action. Rather than thinking about how you can achieve results, you need to simply throw yourself in the fire and get it done.

This will allow you to build the life you desire and in effect you will have a very strong sense of reality.

A man with a strong sense of reality is mesmerizing to women. Here is what one woman had to say about this subject:

“I am a very independent woman. I can have a good time without a man and I never rely on them in a relationship. But there is just something about a guy who can whisk me away into his world. It doesn’t matter how independent you think you are. There is nothing greater than being taken for an exciting trip in a man’s world who isn’t afraid to take you along and take charge…”

And Remember…

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