How to Be a Master Seducer – The Two Secrets of Seduction Nobody Told You About

Do you want to be a master of seduction? Do you want to be the man who can literally take any woman home from the club? If you do, then you will definitely want to read this. Below I am going to go over the formula for attraction and speak about how you can use it. Read on.

How To Be A Master Seducer – The Two Secrets Of Seduction Nobody Told You About

The Formula

Here is the formula for creating attraction:

Attraction = High Value + Wide Ranging Emotions

Now let’s talk about the two components:

1. High Value

In order for a woman to feel any type of attraction for a man, she needs to see him as having a higher value than her.

There are many ways you can convey high value to women. The best way is to be totally nonreactive to others comments and actions. For example, if you get easily offended by someone it shows that you do not have a strong sense of self. The need to defend yourself from petty comments and actions tells the woman that there is some truth to those comments. In other words, you come off as insecure and seeking ego validation.

The man who does not react to others and instead always acts within his own frame of reality conveys very high value. This is because others’ comments make no difference to him because he knows exactly who he is and is not seeking any form of validation.

2. Wide Ranging Emotions

There are some VERY high value men that I know. But they still can’t seem to find any success with the women they desire. Why?

It is because they are missing this part of the equation. They are not able to inspire emotions in women, therefore they feel no attraction for them.

There are many ways to inspire emotions in women. These come from the routines you’ll learn such as push-pull. The key here is to remember that you want the woman to begin putting an emotional investment into you. This will cause her to desire a ‘return’ on that investment in the form of a date or maybe even a one night stand.

And One Last thing…

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