How to Get a Girlfriend – Three Secret Hypnotic Seduction Tactics

There are a lot of guys that seem to always fall into the friend zone and then there are others who always seem to attract women effortlessly. Getting a girlfriend who you deserve is all about the work that you put into yourself. Regardless of whether your goal is to bed as many women as possible or get a long term girlfriend that loves and cherishes you; it all starts with attraction. There are a handful of best seduction strategies, that when used properly can dramatically increase your chances at getting a high quality girlfriend.

How To Get A Girlfriend – Three Secret Hypnotic Seduction Tactics

Role Reversal. Women are used to being chased and over time have learned how to filter out high quality guys from low quality guys. When you flip the switch and mentally view yourself as the one being chased than this turns on a bunch of attraction switches in women. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a conversation. Tease her playfully. Call her out when she does something goofy. The last thing you want to do is act like the ten other guys who hit on her in the bar or club.
Patterns. This is a method where the male uses imagery as well as a physical movement to anchor a positive feeling. Once the women experiences that positive feeling over and over in your presence, she naturally attributes that feeling to you. No rocket science here. High value guys make women feel good and always add to the conversation.
Positive Body Language. We are evolutionary creatures that still respond to a lot of caveman tactics when it comes to mating rituals. If you show signs of an alpha male, you will naturally draw women to you. Surround yourself with beautiful women as friends. This prequalifies you. Take up a lot of space when you stand. When you look at a woman look deeply into her left eye. It is said to be the window to the soul.

As with anything that is worth doing. Learning how to get a girlfriend will help you with relationships as well. You will constantly need to renew attraction in a healthy relationship. These are just some tactics to help you get there.

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