How to Pick Up a Girl – Underground Seduction Secret Revealed

Walking up to a drop dead gorgeous woman and striking up a conversation with her may seem like one of the most terrifying things to do unless you know how to pick up girl. Its really not a big deal if you know how to present yourself you can come out of this looking like James Bond and get the girl. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. First thing you want to do is assess the situation. Take a few minutes and scope out the situation especially if she is alone as most beautiful women generally do not go it alone. They are usually with friends or waiting on someone so don’t embarrass yourself out the gate and be to anxious to approach her until your pretty sure she is not with or waiting on a guy. There is a way to get around the guy thing too but that’s for another time.

2. Make eye contact. Once you have established that she is available now its time to test the waters and see if she is open to your advance. Make eye contact with her, look confident as if this is not new to you and you know how to pick up girl. If she gives you a nice smile or a sexy lingering look you know its game on. If she doesn’t then repeat steps 1 and 2 with another woman until you get an indicator of interest (ioi).

3. Relax and Do it again. Once you get that ioi its time to bring her in a little closer to see if she is truly feeling your vibe before you make that no turning back move. Let a few minutes go by and see if you can catch her looking at you and if not then make eye contact again. If you get the smile or the sexy lingering look now its time to get in the game.

4. Time to approach. Now its time to get your opener together because after you get the 2nd ioi you have 1 minute to approach her before she starts thinking your scared to make a move and this will make you seem not very self assured and kill the deal. Stay relaxed and be cool and smoothly walk over with a purpose and open her. When you approach make sure you making eye contact with her and smile as if you know she is going to give you her time. Be confident and make things happen.

Its now on you and your conversation skills to make this happen and if you know how to open and control the situation then you should have no problem closing the deal here. Make sure your brushed up on you social skills on how to pick up girl before getting to this step or it could end embarrassingly.

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