Secret Mind Control Has a Secret

Secret mind control techniques often played out in movies depict some sort of thought altering brainwave. Such are embedded in simple everyday things like a musical album that will hypnotize you into doing the deed of some evil scientist. It is even a popular legend that rock songs played backwards send out Satan’s message. However, mind control is not as mystical and high-tech as they make it look onscreen though there is truth in the logic that the most powerful mind control is that of the subtle kind. Obviously, this is because if control is blatantly impressed on you, man’s natural tendency is to rebel and defy the order. This is very much similar to when you tell someone “not to do” something. The more you warn them against jumping from the staircase, it more they feel invited to do the action. The lesson here is that to be able to successfully do mind control, you have to execute it secretly.

Think about the people with the most control on you for instance, what you do and what you believe. Try to decipher what makes them such a force in your life. Why does it seem that you cannot go against their wishes? Chances are you would realize that these are people you regard with authority and in whose credibility you trust. Take a look at the people leading your community, the people you voted for. By being in a position of high regard, they are able to secretly have a hold on you because you are willing to submit yourself under their control. Imagine the unwavering loyalty and dedication of a soldier to their leader that they would defy logic and move forward into battle in the risk of dying. It would take a great hold on men’s thoughts to be able to do that.

Secret mind control can be yours if you have credibility and authority. But here’s another secret. Credibility and authority can be fabricated. Credibility refers to the quality of being believable and since belief is relative and nobody really has time to check if you are correct, credibility is but an aura or an appearance. Imagine being in your classroom and your teacher tells you that the world is round. You never really checked if it was round but you assumed it was correct because your teacher said so. In the same way, authority can be created. First of all, authority is designated by position in society but beyond that authoritativeness is an aura. Imagine that guests enter your office, do you not instinctively know which one of them is the big boss and which one is the assistant? And does not the boss make you feel obliged to offer him a seat or a cup of coffee?

Now that is control. Secret mind control just becomes secret because you are not aware of it. Now that it has been put into your attention maybe it would not be such a power over you anymore.

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