How to Transform Into a Dating Stud – Using 2 Easy Surefire Seduction Tricks

Some beautiful women believe that all men are the same. These are women who have been exposed to the type of men that tries to seduce women without preparation or direction. Considering this, you must show a woman that your style is different, and unlike other men, you’re sincere and genuine.

To be a dating stud means striking a balance between pleasing women and holding back your affection. You see, if she thinks you’re too available, she will lose interest. But if she notices you’re too cold toward her, she will immediately think you’re not into her.

Read on to find out how you can be a dating stud and begin attracting women almost immediately…

How To Transform Into A Dating Stud – Using 2 Easy Surefire Seduction Tricks

Trick #1. “Ditch the Pedestal”. Men instinctively think beautiful ladies will not give them the time of day just because they’re “too” pretty. Women, on the other hand, will notice your ‘fan-like adoration’ and will think you’re too easy for them. Be attentive without losing your head at how pretty and charming she is.

Focus instead on your own strengths and start thinking of yourself as the prize she must win.

Trick #2. “Dramatic Story”. Females are wired to root for the underdog, so if you have an underdog story lying around your head somewhere, bring it out and use it to induce strong emotions. Turn yourself into the hero of her dreams by embedding yourself in her fantasies.

Now, here’s a bonus technique you can use to improve your dating skills: hypnosis.

The seduction world counterpart of conventional hypnosis is called Fractionation, and if used correctly, will have an almost supernatural effect on women. The key to this technique is the way you get the girl emotionally involved with you. You are going to put her in an extremely emotional state so that she has no choice but go with your flow. The best part of using this is that you can see the results in just a couple of minutes.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…

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Seduction Secrets For Men – The Art of Seducing Women in Four Easy Ways

Seduction is such a big word for men that they sometimes think they are not capable for the feat — much for the disappointment of most women. Whoever said men can’t learn the ways of seduction is purely dreaming — it’s definitely possible! And totally one sizzling experience. What’s more, you don’t even need to use hypnotic seduction to come out successful. There are many ways to attract and eventually seduce a woman down to her toes in just a few easy moves you should definitely learn to master — you’ll be attracting and seducing women like a Sport! Below are the some seduction secrets for men you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Always aim to get closer. Attraction and seduction have one thing in common — the need to touch. Getting a little physically is not only something you’d like to do when you want to get closer to someone for a full-blast seduction success — it is a need. So next time you have the girl of your dreams right in front of you, don’t be scared to lean closer — the feeling will be electrifying for the both of you. Just make sure you’re looking, smelling and feeling good all throughout.
Speak in a deeper, huskier tone. This is one of the more technical aspects of the secrets of seduction — the deeper lower voice creates an effect that makes you sound more masculine, thus, a lot sexier. The bedroom voice has always been something that both men and women swoon over so take time to practice yours.
Flirt your way for her attention. You don’t need to be too hard on yourself — sometimes, the “take it or leave it” strategy works. You don’t come off as someone too desperate for attention nor are you as frigid as ice from the North Atlantic. Loosen up and flirt — that’s a better way to seduce her. She will be more than likely to return the favor.
Don’t give in easily. Remember that you’re job is to seduce her, not the other way around. One thing that makes a man weak and thus, become a failure to women is when they appear vulnerable and get twirled by a woman around her fingers — thus, she may not see you much of a challenge — just like the rest of the flock. Stand out from the crow and make her see that it’s you who’s got control this time.

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Easy Seduction Techniques – Make Her Yours at Last

Seduction seems to be such a high word that we tend to think we’re not capable of being one hot yummy fellow that girls drool over – well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but says you can’t do it? Seduction is something that happens everyday – sometimes we may not conscious to it but here’s good news for you – attraction can be created, thus, so it seduction! There are practically about a hundred seduction techniques you can follow and practice but it’s all going to be useless if you don’t have the right attitude to go with it. So below are a few easy seduction techniques to learn after you’ve done having attitude makeover.

The gaze. The intense, piercing gaze always works but this could take a lot of practice. You safest bet would be maintain eye contact at all times. Maintaining someone’s gaze can be a bit awkward but if you keep at it, sexual tension will start to build making you both excited for each other.
The touch. No matter what, try to lessen the space between the two of you. Lean closer if you must but don’t ever make it appear that you’re trying to be detached. Seduction is a way to lure someone to get attracted to you that’s why it’s vital you touch as much – it will help you feel connected somehow.
The smile. Always look approachable – you may not be all that jumpy, friendly type of guy but at least, women won’t get totally scared and inferior just by looking at you. Act dominant and strong but don’t overdo it – it can get threatening. Being relaxed and calm has a lot to do with seduction.
The scent. Look and smell good at all times. Your physical aspects play a very essential role in seduction. Sometimes, it’s even the basis of whether she will accept the lure to get attracted to you or get repulsed by your disheveled clothing – so be a little responsible and show her you can take care of yourself.
The words. You must communicate at all times – striking a conversation can be one. Women love to be mentally stimulated. Make it happen. Don’t just get stuck on smiling, grinning and giggling – it’s for girls. Take action and get naughty with your words – it’s time to get playful with her.

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