The A – F Skills from a Seduction Guide to Wow Every Woman You Meet

The key to sensual seduction is for a man to exhibit “alpha male” behaviours. Women love the motion of alpha hero, who tempts and seduces the feminine senses with his manliness and confidence. Men in relationships who generally act like the MAN in relationships are unbelievably sexy and attractive.

Women love to love someone and to be loved back seductively is the art that only few can master. Seducing someone is simply creating tides and waves of testosterone in a woman’s humdrum world and with a seduction guide, you can let the women you want to get diffused in the smoky aura of your seduction game. It really makes hotties crave for you…big time.

Follow these easy to adapt A – F skills from a seduction guide and see the heads of women bowing in front of you –

Act nonchalant. No matter how supercilious and sexy a girl is, there is lots of other on the earth from whom you can pick. Never let the girl think for a second that you are besotted by her beauty and would do anything for just being with her.

Insecurity is simply death when it comes to attracting women. Never let it come on your face that you care that much. Even if you are checking your phone every minute to see if she called you up, you can bet that she is also doing the same thing; therefore do not let it show.

Another trump card from the seduction guide that you can play is to call her infrequently and keep the conversation light. Do not be Dreary. Try to stay away from routine things. She does pay a damn to your landscaping job or the kind of fertilizer you use. An Alpha male has a fascinating life that he invites a girl into, in case you do not possess that, be mysterious about it.

No Roses, jewellery, trinkets or candy for her. Simply save that for her birthday or Christmas Eve. However, cards are a bull’s eye choice. Give her a card-preferably still in the purse, with something cute and sweet in it so that whenever she opens and read it, she smile.

Pillow fights, thumb wrestling, tickle fests and karaoke- this all will take her to the flash back moments of her life when she was happy, and you will be the receiver of all her happy and good feelings.

Female friends are good and they are perhaps easy to come by. In case, your “someone” finds that other chicks dig you, she will indeed be more attracted to you.

Be a prized possession:
Be Confident:
Call Sporadically:
Do not buy her presents:
Engage in childlike behaviour with her:
Find other Female Companions:


Love and seduction work in bizarre ways. When the most genuine efforts to lure a girl fail, sheer casual but clever moves can act as drawstrings to attract all the women you have eyes on. Believe us; just try this A – F skills from the seduction guide to see the magic unfolding. To get more info pls visit:

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To Seduce Your Girl from Head to Toe, Get a Seduction Guide

A seduction guide happens to be elemental in case you are desirous to succeed in your hunt for love – Believe It!

In fact, innumerable men of present generation opt for this convenient mean to meet girls, who can make their lives worth living, and obviously for a good reason. In case you fail often in the dating and seduction genre, then the fact is that you will probably need some type of guidance on your seduction strategies.

Luckily, there is a glut of seduction guides available in the market for you, a lot of which will certainly be worth it, but some of them would not be. However, it will be eminent knowing which pitfalls to look for when selecting a seduction and intimacy guide to begin with.

Seduce Women with the Best Seduction Guide and Avert the Pitfalls

Overall, the ultimate seduction guide must offer you with tons and tons of dating and seducing information including tricks and advice on how to seduce girls successfully and swiftly. Hence, ensure that you at least skim via the guide before purchasing it.

Pitfall No.1: Not Conducting Adequate Research:
Before anything else, you need to make sure that you do adequate research to establish what all the guides on seducing women offers. Idyllically, your guide of choice must provide you with the information that you will require for getting the woman you want in your arms. Moreover, you must find guides that are seriously recommended by other readers.
Pitfall No.2: Failing to Verify What the Guide has to proffer:
On that note, keep in your mind that not every guide in the market on seducing women will be able enough to present you with the tactics, techniques and successful outcomes that you desire and need, either. Therefore, check what each guide has to offer prior to making your final decision.
Pitfall No.3: Not Following the Advices Mentioned in the Guide:
Some of the most significant tactics and advices to read and follow will include having an ideal composure while scouting for dates and overcoming your low confidence level and self-esteem, when trying to create a tuning with someone. Other helpful advices will be those that will help you through a relationship and kindling the spark of intimacy in your relationship. Ideally, your guide of choice must assist you through all these facets mentioned above.
Pitfall No.4: Not Thinking about the Advantages:
Albeit there are various kinds of guides on seducing women out there, it will still be essential for you to select one that will render the ultimate results you fancy round the clock. In case you find out the right one, you are sure to find it highly useful in the long term.


You are sure to find out a seduction guide that will provide you with the kind of advice that you need to seduce your angel from mind to soul in no time. For more info pls visit:


A PUA disclosed Few Secrets that he learnt from a Seduction Guide

Every one of us, who have a pick up artist hidden in them or trying to be one, must have had inspiration from Usher’s most seductive song, “There goes my baby.” This time, be honest with yourself and answer with your full conscience, “how many times this inspiration worked for you and how many time you cracked the nut?” If your answer is in countable number, “dude! You still have miles to go before you sleep, and irrefutably, you need a Seduction Guide.

Last week I was in sitting in a pub sipping my favourite shot, and then entered a man with three beautiful women. Just after a minute, this PUA owned all spotlights and he was surrounded by hunks trying to uncover the secret behind his seduction success. He broke his silence, grabbed the microphone and screamed, “let me tell you guys how I did this?” All ears include mine, were listening every word coming out from his mouth.

“It is not easy for everyone to be a women’s marionette master and it becomes tougher when it is about controlling the thread of an English woman. There are numerous tips and tricks that you can learn from a pragmatically written seduction guide, but if you made a wrong choice and swiped you card for a rejection guide, the game will replace you before you replace it.”

He then disclosed the secret one by one:

You will simply feel awkward if you are ignored by someone, who greets the whole group except you? This is first mistake, most of us do. Do not behave like a crazy fox that jumps instantly on a piece of meat and ignore other viable options. Therefore, just grabbed as many phone numbers as you can, who knows who will work when.
Do not let anybody emotionally fool you, especially in case of women. Your motto must be bringing her down knees and not bowing down to hers. We all know the nature of a butterfly; the more you try to hold her, the more she will make you run for her. You ought to learn, how to play with a women’s emotion, make her to love you in minute, hate the next minute, and then again love. To make it happen, do not show your desperation for these flies.
Do not behave like depressed souls who always find excuses to cry. Being a man, you should never apologise unless it is a genuine apology. Believe me, women hate, “I am sorry, just teasing, just joking and just pulling”, kind of apologies.
Do not get dishearten, when you face rejection because if you fear to face denial you will never try, and not trying simply means out of race. Always remember never try to get rid of rejection but always try to get over rejection.

Finally, the PUA mentioned that it is all about paying for right Seduction Guide, and everything I shared so far is learnt from a seduction guide. For more information, please refer


Your Seduction Guide – How To Transition From An Opener

Every seduction guide tells you that the opener is all important. This is true, but if you don’t know how to transition from the opener to the conversation to build social comfort, even the best line will do you no good. You should actually transition even before the opener is done. Transitioning is one of the most important skills in the art of pick-up.

Asking Questions

One way to make a great transition is to ask a question that then leads into the topic. For example, you want to talk about travel. In this case, you’d ask her where they’re from. If they’re from Russia, for example, you’re going to start talking about how you went there last year and the girls all looked like here.

The Phrasal Transition

You can use phrases to transition. A great one is “check this out.” Another one is “you’re never going to believe this.” This naturally leads the conversation to the next stage and it tells her that you’ve moving it on.

The Observation

Another one is to make an observation. You can use an observation to introduce another topic. If you want to move it towards talking about traveling to Europe, for example, you can tell her that she’s dressed totally North American, and then start talking about how the girls dress in Europe. Of course, you’re going to want to tell her at the end of it all that you like the North American style better!


This is a good one to fall back on if the other transitions look like they’re not going to work. It’s really easy to come off the opener into a self-introduction. In the middle of whatever you’re talking about, you suddenly go, “Oh, by the way, I’m John.” This is an easy way to roll naturally off of any opener.

Cold Read Or Warm Read

You probably know cold reads from the psychics on TV. It’s when they say, “I can tell you like movies,” or something like that. This is a great technique to use. Tell her she seemed nervous or something like that. It should be something that most people would agree with anyway, but it makes you look wiser, like you’re a really good judge of character. A warm read is the same thing but you’re basing it off the information they gave you already.

The whole point of all of these transitions is to move things from the opener to a more natural conversation. Part of the purpose is to build social comfort. This is an area that any seduction guide would be incomplete without.

Jon Sinn is creator of the Seduction Roadmap, a groundbreaking program that teaches men all over the world about how to get laid and how to seduce women. For more information go to

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NLP Techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!

NLP Techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!

Times are tough. There is no question about that. But when times get tough, so do tough people. In this brief (takes 15 minutes to read) yet powerful e-manual, you will learn how you can use NLP techniques to GET THAT JOB NOW!!!

Specifically, you will learn how to:

Utilize the skills of “mirroring and matching” to gain instant rapport with key people during your job search

“Chunk down” bigger career goals into manageable “bite sized” portions

Use sub-modalities to inspire yourself to be your best during these difficult times

Use re-framing to turn any obstacle into a learning opportunity and every rejection into inspiration

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