What to Do After You Get the Girl’s Number (3 Steps to Phone Seduction Success)

If you have met a beautiful woman who you had your eye on for some time, and you finally got her phone number, then congratulations. However, this is just the beginning and there is still plenty of time to mess it all up. Don’t forget, getting a girl’s phone number certainly does not mean that she is ready ready to date you! Read on to discover the RIGHT way to get her out on a date after you get her number…

Here is what you should do after you have her phone number –

Step One. “Time Your Call”. It is very important you don’t delay things but the same time you shouldn’t call her almost immediately. As a rough guide, it is a good idea to call the within the first 24 hours of receiving the number. However, do not underestimate the importance of timing because you don’t want to come across as uninterested for, on the opposite side, desperate. You need to find the right compromise so to keep up the level of excitement.

Step Two. “Go With The Flow”. Once you do come to calling her, it is very important that you have a few ideas figured out. Make sure that the conversation does not sound rehearsed. This means that you should already have some ideas for what you are going to do and a date already thought up. Try to give her a reasonable number of options and don’t expect her to decide what to do since this is just not going to happen.

Step Three. “Cut It Short”. You should also make the call short. It is very important that you don’t spend too long talking in giving too much away. Try telling her an interesting story about what you did today was something that is relevant to your conversation. However, before you come to the end of the story, make an excuse as to why you have to leave now and that you will find out everything else later. Never under any circumstances, reveal too much.

Here’s one potent addition to Step Three above – use this special ‘jedi’ seduction technique called fractionation. This tactic involves bringing her through an emotional roller coaster in the phone conversation, and in the process get her to be emotionally ‘addicted’ to you. As a result, she will become dependent on you, and will often to anything you ask her to. Amazingly effective, although it is a highly controversial seduction tactic.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning… Fractionation is considered as a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, and while controversial, it is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground seductionists. It is described in a step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (http://www.DeadlySeduction.com).


How to Win a Girl’s Heart Over Another Guy – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Can Use Immediately

If you’re in competition with another guy over a hot babe in a club, you have to be alert to the signs that your competition is bound to ignore. I’m talking about a woman’s flirting signals, and the obvious attraction symptoms that arise when you get a girl to notice you. Here are the steps you need to take: develop confidence and a personality she cannot resist; then, apply the following techniques…

How to Win a Girl’s Heart Over Another Guy – 3 Covert Seduction Tactics You Can Use Immediately

1. Show Strength of Character. Women are totally into men who seem dignified and principled. This means you have to show the body language of a man who respects women. If a girl thinks you’re not the type of guy who will disrespect her, she will take all your teasing in stride and feel safe enough to tease back.

You can flirt with her all night if she feels comforted that she’s flirting with a man whose mere presence makes her feel protected and nurtured. If a woman is drawn to your strength, you will notice how she moves closer to you when a guy  appears to be hitting on her.

2. Talk to Her About Her. A woman might seem open to conversation, but the thing is that she likes talking about herself. When you’re chatting up a girl, control the direction of the conversation by focusing on her. Ask intelligent questions so that she knows she’s getting through you, and then encourage her to tell you more about her experiences.

3. Tell Her Compelling Stories. It’s tempting to share sob stories with women who appear to be good listeners, but for your sake, do not just ramble on and on about your sentiments.

Instead, be extra observant of her reactions to your stories. If she looks intensely at you while you’re sharing your stories, and reciprocates with a related sob story of her own, you can put her through an emotional rollercoaster that will make her feel totally into you. This technique, known as fractionation, is said to be able to make women fall in love in as little as 15 minutes. Killer powerful stuff!

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


Girls Seduce You

George Hutton, paradigm shift.
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Get Any Girl’s Number in 2 Minutes (Quick Sex Lessons, Book 1)

Get Any Girl’s Number in 2 Minutes (Quick Sex Lessons, Book 1)

Get Any Girl's Number in 2 Minutes (Quick Sex Lessons, Book 1)

Ok, I’m sure you’re tired of all the long, drawn-out “how to guides” about how to meet girls, talk to them, create rapport, and eventually get their number….YAWN!! That’s not what this book is about. It’s about getting her number FAST, because you don’t have time for anything else!

This valuable little guide is great for when you’re on the go and you see a great looking girl at the supermarket, the airport, or any other place where you’re both likely to be busy, but not too busy for quick interaction— and a possible love connection.

You’ll learn all the crucial tips to get her number in LESS THAN 2 MINUTES, and be on your way!



How to Flirt With Girls – Secrets of Attraction and Other Basic Seduction Techniques For Guys

Getting started in seducing and attracting girls can be quite demanding and challenging for any guy — but once you get to know the skill and practice them smoothly, you’ll be obtaining your rewards like falling leaves every single night. Now, knowing how to flirt with girls is a talent you need to practice on — so for the basic techniques on how to attract and seduce girls, here are the top three things you should do:

Feel good and sexy within.Being nervous is normal, so before leaving your apartment, take a deep breath and let yourself have the attitude — know deep within that you’re one confident and gorgeous dude about to conquer the night. Having the best clothes and spraying the most expensive perfume are only add-ons — what’s important is that you have the proper mindset and thoughts to have fun tonight — and of course, to flirt with girls.
Know how to have a good time.Being too stressed and pressured to impress girls is a bummer — and it’s definitely ruining your night. When out partying, stop focusing too much on getting a girl’s attention for to start flirting — prioritize your needs most of all. Not only will you start feeling more comfortable and at ease by being yourself, you will effortlessly start to get someone’s attention — your cue on getting some action. However, do try to make eye contact once in a while — it’s can work wonders.
Explore all your options.Don’t stick around too long with just one girl on a regular Saturday night. After successfully getting her number, quickly tell her you have to be somewhere (to flirt with other girls of course but you don’t have to say that) — she will be more intrigued and will be looking forward for your call.

Do you want to become a master when it comes to the art of flirting? Do you still want to know more when it comes to how to flirt with girls? Unravel more secrets of seduction by visiting my website right now. It holds all amazing techniques on how to be great and sensual with women you thought you’d never get a chance with!

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Gym Girl Seduction – 3 Killer Pick Up Techniques You Can Use to Seduce Hot Gym Girls

Getting fit and getting with hot women at the same time is pretty easy to do, provided you’re a member of your local gym. The gym comes with a lot of advantages, the most prominent one being that the results are far more pleasurable compared to when you pick a woman up at a bar. Keep reading to find out the secrets that no one else knows on how you can pick up gym girls.

Tip #1. Be presentable.

Although it is true that the reason you go to the gym is because of the exercise, you won’t stand a huge chance if you’re smelly and sweating like a pig. On that note, try not to be the sleazy guy who goes to the gym but doesn’t even exercise because his sole purpose of being there is picking up girls. Make sure that you work out, yes, but if you want to pick up gym girls, do not overexert yourself. Stay concentrated on your goal.

Tip #2. Open the opinions.

Once you have chosen your target, opt to use whichever fitness machine happens to be right by her side. Say hello and ask if she knows how that particular fitness machine works. What’s great about being new at the gym is the excuses you get to talk to anybody you’d like. The key for this to work would be to keep yourself from sounding too eager. Being slowly and always ask in polite tones. That should earn you brownie points.

Tip #3. Tell a story.

Once your bait bites and the two of you have begun talking, start telling a story. Say or ask something witty or funny, like whether she thinks you look homosexual. If she bites and asks why you happened to ask this, simply state that someone showed interest at the men’s locker. Something that small could easily escalate into a friendly conversation that could give you far more chances to talk to your woman of choice more.

Once you get her talking to you already, you could use cutting-edge psychological tactics that will give you super fast results. One such technique is called ‘fractionation’ – described in an easy, step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (http://www.DeadlySeduction.com). Apply it and picking a girl up at the gym just be one of the easiest things that you could do.

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