What’s the Best Way to Call a Woman? 3 Steps of Killer Phone Seduction

So you’ve accomplished something big – you’ve gotten her phone number. However, getting that beautiful woman’s phone number is just the first step for you, now you have to actually call her. There is a process that you can follow for surefire success.

Usually, some men might overdue it while on the phone for the first time with a woman. They try to be too confident and end up sounding arrogant, or flirt too much and end of appearing sleazy. What you must remember is to take things slow, and also to be yourself.

You could either make or break your potential date with this woman by just your phone conversation. There are a few steps you can follow to successfully win over a woman through your phone conversation.

3 Steps on How to Successfully Seduce Women on the Phone

Step 1: Bring the Laughs – Laughter is a great way to break the ice and of course a surefire way to make her feel relaxed with you. You don’t want her to run away screaming after just 5 minutes of talking on the phone with you, so make her laugh a little. It’s a subtle way of putting on the charm.

Step 2: Share a Story – Everybody has a story to tell. Whether it’s a shocking one or a funny one. Stories are a great way to fill in the dead air space when you’re talking on the phone and you’re not quite sure what to talk about. It’s also a way for her to see that you actually are interesting and thought of sharing stories with her that she might like.

You can even keep her guessing by telling her half of the story and saving the rest for your date. That way, she’ll be anticipating your upcoming date.

Step 3: Fractionation – Again, this is the extreme way to go, but it does have results. Fractionation is hypnosis through controlling someone’s emotions. Through you talking to her, she will eventually become emotionally dependent on you and hang on every word you say. You won’t have to worry if you’ll get a date with her – it’s almost a guaranteed thing.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…

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How to Attract a Girl Through the Phone – Using Killer Chat Seduction Tactics

Once you use your charms and flirting techniques to obtain her phone number you will feel like a king of the world. This is not the end of your journey and the next big step will be to call her and set up a date. Guys, pay attention to this part particularly, since at this stage most of you could mess up. Imagine, just going through all the trouble to get her phone number and at the end just waste the chance by making a bad impression over the phone.

The seduction game can drastically change while engaging a phone conversation with a girl. The environment at this point is completely different than if you would be talking to her in real. The first thing, she cannot see you and you can only rely on your verbal abilities to get her in the mood. Second thing, she maybe forgot who you are so you need to remind her where you met and how. If you don’t think you will know exactly what to say and how to make an easy and successful flow of the conversation, here are a few useful tips to help you out.

Three successful phone seduction strategies – Overcome Three Barriers

Technique No.1 – “Make her laugh”. The first barrier will be to engage a successful phone conversation without letting her know that you are nervous, which is easily done just by using humor. At the start you need to be able to get her mood up and get her to LAUGH. If this happens, she won’t hang up the phone on you and the course of the conversation will go to your favor and you’ll most likely be able to set up the first date. The objective of this game is to keep her entertained long enough so you could tell her all you have on your mind.

Technique No.2 – “The Strategy of a Cliffhanger”. The second barrier is connected to the genuine interest. If she seems to be bored with the conversation, be sure that you won’t be able to set up a date and spend time with her. You could let the conversation flow to the direction of a story that will have an open ending, all in the purpose of making her wish she sees you. Curiosity is the key, and it might even happen that she initiates the date if she gets curious enough. Do it slick and like a pro and leave the finale for the end. Girl’s curiosity could be provoked easily, so keep this in mind and use it as an advantage.

Technique No.3 – “Hypnosis”. Wanting to jump-start a relationship with a girl of your choice isn’t enough and you might even consider the help of this advanced technique which will surely give you amazing results. While talking with her, you can already give her an ’emotional ride’ that will leave her breathless by making her feel all these different emotions. This technique, called fractionation, gives an amazing experience and will develop instant attraction from her.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


How to Make Her Want to Date You – Using 3 Methods of Killer Seduction

Does it seem impossible to get women attracted to you? Well, you are totally wrong. It is completely possible for you to build up attraction, as long as you are aware of methods in doing so. If you are capable of planting these seeds, dating is sure to be a snap. It would be much easier, and every female barrier will be surpassed. So, what exactly needs to be done?

Dating needs to seen as nothing but a game, where you need to master particular abilities in order to succeed. The huge risk would be rejection, which could totally destroy you. Read on to find out how you can reduce these risks and turn into a man that can build attraction anytime, anywhere.

3 Guaranteed Methods of Seduction to Make Women Want to Date You

Method 1. Be  Out of the Ordinary

Acting like every other stuttering and clumsy dude around women will lead you to failure. Make it completely clear that you are level-headed, even when under stress. Women are always attracted to calm men.

Several women might even respond if you have balls to merely leave when conversations aren’t going well. Men who are adamant tend to be rare, making this a highly attractive trait.

Method 2. Be Fun and Cool

Avoid being the broody emotional guy – this will turn women off. On the other hand, if you are able to make women laugh as you talk, this will get rid of their barriers and let you enter.

Method 3. Be Accepting of Her Diva Aspects

Women wish to be treated like divas, but not by losers. To build connections with women, you also have to be respectful of her mind. If you don’t, it’s over.

If you happen to be an impatient guy who wishes for fast results, you might wish to skip ahead and follow several secret methods which could build attraction easily and quickly. They are quite unethical since they are psychological tactics involved with hypnosis.

One kind of tactics would be fractionation, where women are taken on an emotional rollercoaster during short conversations, connecting high points with you. This will make women feel vulnerable, and make her fall for you in a mere fifteen minutes.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…

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How to Get a Woman to Love You For Life – 3 Killer Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know Now

The girl of your dreams could be that pretty lady by the bar, or that girl reading a romance novel in the coffee shop. So, what are you going to do about it? If you’re really keen on making that connection with a special girl, you have to improve your game.

One way of doing this is by learning the skills you need to get a woman’s attention, and make her see you as someone she could spend her life with. Also, you must not waste any time. Don’t while away time by simply sitting there and doing nothing. Approach her and strike up a conversation with her in the soonest time possible.

Most men don’t realize that there are simple things they can do to supercharge the seduction process. If you’re one of these guys, read on to discover three killer ways to make a woman fall in love.

How To Get A Woman To Love You For Life (3 Killer Covert Seduction Tactics You Must Know At Any Cost)

Strategy #1: “Be Lovey-dovey”. You’ve seen how they do it in chick flicks. A man approaches a woman, smiles and introduces himself. He then starts a conversation with her that leaves her breathless and eager to see him again.

Women are prone to these scenarios and so this is what you must give them. No women in the world can resist getting serenaded by a sexy man, so bring your guitar somewhere where the women are gathering and start playing. Also, if you’re with a woman, why don’t you write something on scented paper for her? I’m talking about writing an old fashioned letter that contains all your emotions.

Strategy #2: “Treat Her Like a Princess”. Make a girl feel like royalty by using old fashioned chivalry to greet her. You can even take her hand and kiss it (like princes do in fairy tales). Most women don’t expect to be treated this way by men they meet in clubs so she will surely remember you.

Strategy #3: “Hypnotize Her!” This is a method to get her thinking about you and only you. Hypnosis when used in dating is more powerful than any pick up line you will ever encounter.

Hypnosis has a counterpart in the seduction world, and this method is called fractionation, which is mainly a psychological bag of tricks that will make a woman feel romantic towards you in no time (in 15 minutes or less!). If you really want to make a woman feel that emotional connection with you fast, this strategy is worth a try.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning … Fractionation is considered as a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, and while controversial, it is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground seductionists. It is described in a step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (http://www.DeadlySeduction.com).


Gym Girl Seduction – 3 Killer Pick Up Techniques You Can Use to Seduce Hot Gym Girls

Getting fit and getting with hot women at the same time is pretty easy to do, provided you’re a member of your local gym. The gym comes with a lot of advantages, the most prominent one being that the results are far more pleasurable compared to when you pick a woman up at a bar. Keep reading to find out the secrets that no one else knows on how you can pick up gym girls.

Tip #1. Be presentable.

Although it is true that the reason you go to the gym is because of the exercise, you won’t stand a huge chance if you’re smelly and sweating like a pig. On that note, try not to be the sleazy guy who goes to the gym but doesn’t even exercise because his sole purpose of being there is picking up girls. Make sure that you work out, yes, but if you want to pick up gym girls, do not overexert yourself. Stay concentrated on your goal.

Tip #2. Open the opinions.

Once you have chosen your target, opt to use whichever fitness machine happens to be right by her side. Say hello and ask if she knows how that particular fitness machine works. What’s great about being new at the gym is the excuses you get to talk to anybody you’d like. The key for this to work would be to keep yourself from sounding too eager. Being slowly and always ask in polite tones. That should earn you brownie points.

Tip #3. Tell a story.

Once your bait bites and the two of you have begun talking, start telling a story. Say or ask something witty or funny, like whether she thinks you look homosexual. If she bites and asks why you happened to ask this, simply state that someone showed interest at the men’s locker. Something that small could easily escalate into a friendly conversation that could give you far more chances to talk to your woman of choice more.

Once you get her talking to you already, you could use cutting-edge psychological tactics that will give you super fast results. One such technique is called ‘fractionation’ – described in an easy, step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (http://www.DeadlySeduction.com). Apply it and picking a girl up at the gym just be one of the easiest things that you could do.

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How to Get Women to Love You – 3 Killer Tips to Boost Your Seduction Powers

It takes only a few seconds for a woman to look you over and decide on the spot whether or not she wants to date you. What does this mean to you? It means you have to make your move within this ‘time limit’ before she turns around and leaves you in the dust completely.

How do you do this with a girl you just met? Read on to learn how 3 simple steps can get you the woman of your dreams fast…

How You Can Get a Girl to Fall for You Instantly – Three Methods

#1: “Princess Fantasy”. A woman loves to be treated like a princess. This means being spoiled rotten by her prince and being kissed whenever she displays a lovely pout.To be treated like royalty is an awesome way to get women turned on. If you can access her diva complex and make her feel like the princess that she is, you’re sure to get her heart without really trying.

What is the key to making any girl feel like a princess around you? The answer is quite simple… be a worthy prince! This means you shouldn’t be an insecure guy who’s always jumping around whenever she frowns or sniffs haughtily. That’s a behavior fit for the court jester, not the heir to the throne.

#2: “Comfortable Distance”. One important caveat you need to know when you’re giving a girl the royal treatment has something to do with not overdoing it. Remember, when you start to seem over-eager to please her, you will lose her attraction.

Desperation or giddiness at her positive response makes you look like someone she wouldn’t want to date. Women love men who don’t show all their cards at once. The air of mystery keeps women on their toes.

#3: “Fractionation”. This is a hypnosis tactic that’s widely used by expert dating gurus to seduce women in as little as 15 minutes.

The crucial factor involved in using this method is your ability to take a woman through emotional states that she would never expect to feel with a guy she just met. The usage of hypnosis concepts in seduction involves making the woman feel emotionally close to you by anchoring her feelings of happiness and sadness on you.  

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


How to Attract Women – Use These 3 Killer Seduction Methods Now!

Do you want to become absolutely irresistible to women? If you do, then you really need to read this. Here are 3 sure-fire ways which will allow you to build tons of attraction with women. Get ready to take your dating game to the next level. Read on.

How to Attract Women – Use These 3 Killer Seduction Methods Now!

1. Alpha of the Group

First of all, women are NEVER attracted to the followers of a group – at least the really hot ones aren’t. If you want to get noticed by beautiful women, you need to become the alpha male of your group. You need to be the one which leads them. You need to be the one to make the decisions such as which clubs to hit.

Becoming the alpha man of the group can be a difficult challenge if you have had the same social circle for a long time. This may be a point where you need to ask yourself if finding a new social circle would be beneficial to your growth as a man.

2. Pre-Selection

If you want women to be inherently attracted to you, then you need show them that there is something to BE attracted to. The best way to do this is by arriving to the club with some ladies already on your arms.

This indicates that you have value to offer since there are already women with you. This is actual one of the more powerful methods you can use (especially if the women you take the club are smoking hot already).

3. Be Happy…Seriously!

There are too many guys who try and be “tough” when they’re walking around the venue. This is not you. Instead, choose to be happy and positive when you are meeting new girls. This sky rockets your chances of a warm reception and gives a better vibe to the conversation.

Being positive reflects an abundant life experience while being negative or “neutral” indicates a bad or boring life experience. Women want to be part of a happy and exciting experience!

And remember…if you want to make women crazy with lust, you MUST master your body language. This will give you an unfair advantage over the MILLIONS of men who are completely CLUELESS about its power!