How to Attract Her Without Saying Anything – Using the Unknown Secrets of Speechless Seduction

Most guys think they cannot flirt with women unless they talk fast and spew out all the rehearsed pick up lines in the world. They think that if they keep talking, women will notice them more, but the opposite happens. Girls turn into ice queens and stop you in your tracks by the time you get to pick up line number 10.

Talk is good, if done properly, but flirting by conversation works only if you can combine flirtatious words with seductive body language. Read on to discover a very simple, but previously unknown, skill that can convey your message to a girl without uttering a single word.

How To Attract Her Without Saying Anything – Using The Unknown Secrets Of Speechless Seduction

Method One. “Be an Alpha Male”.

If you can be the center of attention in your group, women around will notice you more. Without knowing about it, women are silently observing you and falling in love with you from afar. By the time you notice and finally approach these women, they are ready to gobble up your offer for a date. But remember, this only works if you can act as the leader among your friends or social circle.

Method Two. “Get Social Proof”.

Being around other women is a turn on. Sure, women would want you to be attentive to them exclusively, but initially, they must see you with other beautiful girls before they talk to you. You see, women want something that other girls have. The next time you go to a party, spend some time talking to gorgeous ladies. The other girls around you will be observing your actions and would judge you based on how well you seem to jive with the girls you talk to.

Now, you can add these two methods to your seduction arsenal. Try them tonight or the next time you go out with friends.

As a bonus, let me tell you about this hypnosis-based seduction strategy, which you can use when you have a girl’s complete attention. This will make sure that your efforts at seducing her from afar will count. It’s called Fractionation, and it remains the only seduction method that can make women fall in love by making them feel strong emotions within a period of 15 minutes or less.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


How to Be a Master of “Silent” Seduction – Seduce Without Saying a Word

Learning the art of seducing a woman is sometimes hard work. First of all you have to know what you’re doing and then you have to work hard at it but the good thing is once you’ve got it you never lose it. So take notes guys. Here’s an amazing secret you can use to learn how to seduce a woman without uttering a single word.

But before we get started, one of the most important things for you to know is the absolute biggest attraction trait you can have is something called “social status.” If you really want to get women to fall all over you, it’s imperative that you learn how to create a perception of social status.

Now pay close attention – here are two killer methods you can use to make sure you have a perception of social status…

How To Be A Master Of “Silent” Seduction – Seduce Without Saying A Word

1. “Learn to be the Alpha Male of the Group” – The main thing you need to focus on here is learning how to be the center of attention in any crowd.

Women love a man who can command attention. They like men who give orders not take them. It you give off a sense of being a leader instead of a follower women will flock to you.

2. “Master Creating Social Proof” – Start off by surrounding yourself with a group of women as much as possible. When you’re often seen with a large group of women this will make a woman subconsciously think that this means you must be good with women. Naturally she’ll find herself wanting to be around you too and after all that’s what you really want.

So now that you have these two killer methods in your arsenal of seduction, you need to supercharge them and take them to the next level. Once you perfect things you will constantly find women dropping at your feet all without a single word from you.

If you want to “supercharge” the two above techniques then you will need to tool up on rapport building techniques. One such killer tactic is called fractionation – a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground seductionists. (