The A – F Skills from a Seduction Guide to Wow Every Woman You Meet

The key to sensual seduction is for a man to exhibit “alpha male” behaviours. Women love the motion of alpha hero, who tempts and seduces the feminine senses with his manliness and confidence. Men in relationships who generally act like the MAN in relationships are unbelievably sexy and attractive.

Women love to love someone and to be loved back seductively is the art that only few can master. Seducing someone is simply creating tides and waves of testosterone in a woman’s humdrum world and with a seduction guide, you can let the women you want to get diffused in the smoky aura of your seduction game. It really makes hotties crave for you…big time.

Follow these easy to adapt A – F skills from a seduction guide and see the heads of women bowing in front of you –

Act nonchalant. No matter how supercilious and sexy a girl is, there is lots of other on the earth from whom you can pick. Never let the girl think for a second that you are besotted by her beauty and would do anything for just being with her.

Insecurity is simply death when it comes to attracting women. Never let it come on your face that you care that much. Even if you are checking your phone every minute to see if she called you up, you can bet that she is also doing the same thing; therefore do not let it show.

Another trump card from the seduction guide that you can play is to call her infrequently and keep the conversation light. Do not be Dreary. Try to stay away from routine things. She does pay a damn to your landscaping job or the kind of fertilizer you use. An Alpha male has a fascinating life that he invites a girl into, in case you do not possess that, be mysterious about it.

No Roses, jewellery, trinkets or candy for her. Simply save that for her birthday or Christmas Eve. However, cards are a bull’s eye choice. Give her a card-preferably still in the purse, with something cute and sweet in it so that whenever she opens and read it, she smile.

Pillow fights, thumb wrestling, tickle fests and karaoke- this all will take her to the flash back moments of her life when she was happy, and you will be the receiver of all her happy and good feelings.

Female friends are good and they are perhaps easy to come by. In case, your “someone” finds that other chicks dig you, she will indeed be more attracted to you.

Be a prized possession:
Be Confident:
Call Sporadically:
Do not buy her presents:
Engage in childlike behaviour with her:
Find other Female Companions:


Love and seduction work in bizarre ways. When the most genuine efforts to lure a girl fail, sheer casual but clever moves can act as drawstrings to attract all the women you have eyes on. Believe us; just try this A – F skills from the seduction guide to see the magic unfolding. To get more info pls visit:

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Why You Need to Develop Skills of Attraction and Seduction

When was the last time you saw a gorgeous woman, one that had the exact face and body that you like so much, and moved in that just that way that you like so much?

What did you do when you saw her? Walk right up and introduce yourself? Ask a friend to introduce you? Flirt with her from across the room before approaching?

If you are like most guys, you didn’t do anything. That’s OK, it’s not your fault. It’s a shame that in today’s society the most important skills are rarely taught. Sure we learn important things in school like history, and long division, but why don’t they teach us the good stuff? Like how to make money and get gorgeous women?

The obvious reason is because most people don’t know. Certainly not school teachers. And you can’t likely teach what you don’t know.

But what if you could learn these skills? What if you could learn how to be confident so next time you see a gorgeous woman, instead of hoping for something to happen, you go over and make something happen?

And what would it be like if instead of wondering what to say, and how to act, and how to interpret her responses and body language, you knew exactly what to say, and do? What if you could scan a room and tell immediately which girls were into you, and which girls were busy at the moment?

Would this be a valuable skill?

As you likely know, people don’t get together simply at random. Girls don’t pick a random number, like seven, and then hook up with the seventh guy they meet that night.

There are certain characteristics that women find attractive. There is a certain level of confidence and self-esteem that woman want in a guy.

And guess what? When women find that guy, the one that has those conversation skills and behaviors that make her feel those special feelings, they like sex just as much as guys do.

The reason this seems like it might not be true is because women rarely meet a guy that fulfills all their criteria. Women have it much harder than guys do when it comes to finding somebody. All most guys need is beauty. And that is fairly easy to recognize right away.

With women, they need more from a guy than just looks. They need a guy with confidence, special listening skills, conversation skills and behaviors, a certain way he carries himself.

The good new is that for most guys these skills can be learned. You can easily transform yourself from wherever you are, to the guy that most girls dream of. When you learn these skills, you will never again have to hope or wish or pray or kick yourself because you passed by an opportunity.

Once you become the guy that most girls dream about, opportunities will find you. Of course, learning these skills takes time, and an ability to step outside of your comfort zone, if only for a little bit. When you imagine what it will be like when you have power and choice with the women you get together with, and that one special woman you eventually end up with, you can easily find the motivation to become the guy that every girl dreams about.

Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest for some. Because you can imagine what it will be like when you become successful, you can naturally take advantage of this opportunity. You’ll find out just how easy that is when you visit Powerful Charisma Seduction

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