How to Attract Her Without Saying Anything – Using the Unknown Secrets of Speechless Seduction

Most guys think they cannot flirt with women unless they talk fast and spew out all the rehearsed pick up lines in the world. They think that if they keep talking, women will notice them more, but the opposite happens. Girls turn into ice queens and stop you in your tracks by the time you get to pick up line number 10.

Talk is good, if done properly, but flirting by conversation works only if you can combine flirtatious words with seductive body language. Read on to discover a very simple, but previously unknown, skill that can convey your message to a girl without uttering a single word.

How To Attract Her Without Saying Anything – Using The Unknown Secrets Of Speechless Seduction

Method One. “Be an Alpha Male”.

If you can be the center of attention in your group, women around will notice you more. Without knowing about it, women are silently observing you and falling in love with you from afar. By the time you notice and finally approach these women, they are ready to gobble up your offer for a date. But remember, this only works if you can act as the leader among your friends or social circle.

Method Two. “Get Social Proof”.

Being around other women is a turn on. Sure, women would want you to be attentive to them exclusively, but initially, they must see you with other beautiful girls before they talk to you. You see, women want something that other girls have. The next time you go to a party, spend some time talking to gorgeous ladies. The other girls around you will be observing your actions and would judge you based on how well you seem to jive with the girls you talk to.

Now, you can add these two methods to your seduction arsenal. Try them tonight or the next time you go out with friends.

As a bonus, let me tell you about this hypnosis-based seduction strategy, which you can use when you have a girl’s complete attention. This will make sure that your efforts at seducing her from afar will count. It’s called Fractionation, and it remains the only seduction method that can make women fall in love by making them feel strong emotions within a period of 15 minutes or less.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


Use This Almost Unknown Powerful Seduction Technique and She’ll Do Anything You Ask

When most people guys see a beautiful woman they would like to meet for more than just conversation, there minds shift into a kind of “wish” or “hope” mode. I wish she would notice me. I wish I knew what to say to get her to like me. For those of us that can summon the courage to go and speak with her, then we “hope” that she likes us, or hope that we don’t look stupid, or hope that she doesn’t discover that deep dark secret that we are ashamed of and point it out in front of everybody.

The good news is that when you employ specific language technology, you don’t need to hope and wish any more. You don’t need to throw out a bunch of words jumbled together in hopes they will slip past her geek filters and trigger those wonderful emotional responses that can make life on earth so heavenly.

There are specific techniques that are so powerful, yet so little is known about them by the common man, that when used properly they will put you head and shoulders above the rest the crowd, making you stand out in her mind as somebody different. Somebody she really wants to get to know.

It all begins with criteria. Everybody you meet is a walking collection of unmet wants and needs. Most people try to impress by throwing out whatever they think is impressive about them. Their job, their car, their house, their income. Sometimes this works, but it usually doesn’t.

When you speak with her in a relaxed manner, and casually find out what is important to her, you are on the path to heavenly bliss. And when you can find out a few things that are important to her, and steer the conversation to a place where she is telling you her internal emotional experiences when she knows she is getting her needs met, then you will never be forgotten by her.

This is much easier than you think. Everybody wants to meet somebody that will help them get their needs met. Everybody likes to talk about themselves, and what’s important to them.

The best part is, that when she starts talking about how she feels when she gets her emotional needs met, she will unconsciously associate those feelings with you.

Is this manipulative? Absolutely. Can this be used to persuade her, almost against her better judgment, to have a sexual encounter with you? Most certainly. It goes without saying that the best way to use this technique is with only the best intentions in mind.

But don’t be fooled by their simplicity. These techniques are incredibly powerful. Cult leaders, unscrupulous advertisers, even leaders of countries have been using these techniques for years and years to hijack peoples.

When you can find out what her deep emotional criteria is, and demonstrate an honest interest in helping her fulfill them, then you are on the right track.

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