How to Get Any Woman to Like You – Using Two Clever Seduction Tactics

Some guys think that the only way to get a woman’s attention is to be good looking and rich, but that’s pure myth. The truth of the matter is that the most important factors for getting a girl to dig you is to have the characteristics of a good quality man. You can be the most well-off and attractive guy at a place and still get overlooked in favor of guys who’ve got the air of quality.

Here’s a little story to illustrate what I mean. Take Jack – he’s practically broke, and on top of that he is just plain old ugly, with an unsightly beer gut. The thing is, he can still get numbers from intelligent, beautiful women every time he’s at a bar or club. What’s his secret? Jack knows about some clever methods to get inside a woman’s head that get him up close and personal with hot girls all the time. Check out these two tactics that can make you completely irresistible…

How To Get Any Woman To Like You – Using Two Clever Seduction Tactics

Tactic #1. “Mystify Yourself.” A lot of guys think that women tend to send mixed signals. Well, two can play at that game, and one of the best ways to get the girls interested is to become a mystery yourself, and guard your feelings well.

That means you’ve got to keep your emotions in check. If you’re feeling nervous or jittery, you’ve got to keep that under control and come across as calm and cool. If a girl catches on that you’re all nervous, it’s game over. If you act unshakeable, it creates an air of mystery that the ladies can’t resist.

Keep up that mysterious act and keep your real feelings carefully hidden.

Tactic #2. “Discover Fractionation.” That’s a big word, but all it really means is that if you don’t seal the deal quickly, someone else will. If there’s a hot girl who you’re trying to get with, you can be sure there are at least a half-dozen other guys with the same plan.

Fractionation is a special technique that gets a woman to feel instantly connected to you by taking her on a crazy emotional adventure just through your conversation with her. Done right, you can get a girl to be falling all over you in 15 minutes or less. This move is pure gold – you won’t regret learning it.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…


What’s the Best Way to Call a Woman? 3 Steps of Killer Phone Seduction

So you’ve accomplished something big – you’ve gotten her phone number. However, getting that beautiful woman’s phone number is just the first step for you, now you have to actually call her. There is a process that you can follow for surefire success.

Usually, some men might overdue it while on the phone for the first time with a woman. They try to be too confident and end up sounding arrogant, or flirt too much and end of appearing sleazy. What you must remember is to take things slow, and also to be yourself.

You could either make or break your potential date with this woman by just your phone conversation. There are a few steps you can follow to successfully win over a woman through your phone conversation.

3 Steps on How to Successfully Seduce Women on the Phone

Step 1: Bring the Laughs – Laughter is a great way to break the ice and of course a surefire way to make her feel relaxed with you. You don’t want her to run away screaming after just 5 minutes of talking on the phone with you, so make her laugh a little. It’s a subtle way of putting on the charm.

Step 2: Share a Story – Everybody has a story to tell. Whether it’s a shocking one or a funny one. Stories are a great way to fill in the dead air space when you’re talking on the phone and you’re not quite sure what to talk about. It’s also a way for her to see that you actually are interesting and thought of sharing stories with her that she might like.

You can even keep her guessing by telling her half of the story and saving the rest for your date. That way, she’ll be anticipating your upcoming date.

Step 3: Fractionation – Again, this is the extreme way to go, but it does have results. Fractionation is hypnosis through controlling someone’s emotions. Through you talking to her, she will eventually become emotionally dependent on you and hang on every word you say. You won’t have to worry if you’ll get a date with her – it’s almost a guaranteed thing.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…

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Seduction Methods For Men – Quick Ways to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams at Last

Women being seduced by men seemed a little intriguing — are we sure there weren’t spells, chants or magic potions involved? No offense to the male species but really, most people would think that seduction is something that only women are capable of. Well of course it’s not! Men have the power to flirt, attract and seduce women as well. Although a big number of guys still need to get out of their shells and actually get a little more aggressive with women for a change. Hey, we weren’t called “men” for no reason. It’s prime time you build some confidence and take over the world of seduction — here are a few seduction methods for men that’ll earn you the woman of your dreams at last!

Know that you’re seductive. Step one towards your journey to becoming a master in seducing women is — attitude. Create the right attitude. If you’re still of personal issues and insecurities, we better deal with it now. You can never really become someone attractive if you don’t have self-love and if you don’t believe that you’re capable to become seductive. Well then it’s time for a little attitude-makeover.
Stop overanalyzing. Being a worry-freak will do you no good — especially if it involves women. They love a man who has a strong sense of self, is dominant and is in control of his emotions. Acting all paranoid will only slow you down in your pursuit of the female species. Better try to learn how to have fun instead — things will get so much easier after that.
Go ahead and stare. Flirt your way to a woman’s heart. You can never be really successful in seducing her if you don’t know how to flirt — maintain eye contact, stare at her lips, watch her when she talks, be sensitive with her body language, lean closer — there are a million possible ways to get her hooked.
Savor the moment. Don’t worry so much. Don’t panic. Don’t think. Just go out there, meet girls and wing it. Of course, rejection will be a part of the game but that’s just how the way life goes — you can never enjoy the best of both worlds. Be open to rejection and take it as an experience. Sometimes it’s all about how we see something that affects our reactions. Take it as a motivation instead!
Savor her. Focus your attention on her. Girls love it when men give them their uttermost attention — they love to bask into the glory of your desire. Don’t overdo it however, or she’ll won’t hesitate to get a little abusive and try to twirl you around her fingers. Stay on guard, know your value and show her you’re worth. She’ll be challenged.

Do you want to become a master when it comes to the art of flirting? Do you have what it takes to be an expert with women and know more on tips on how to be seductive? Unravel more secrets of seduction and other seduction methods by visiting my website right now. It holds all amazing techniques on how to be great and sensual with women you thought you’d never get a chance with!

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The A – F Skills from a Seduction Guide to Wow Every Woman You Meet

The key to sensual seduction is for a man to exhibit “alpha male” behaviours. Women love the motion of alpha hero, who tempts and seduces the feminine senses with his manliness and confidence. Men in relationships who generally act like the MAN in relationships are unbelievably sexy and attractive.

Women love to love someone and to be loved back seductively is the art that only few can master. Seducing someone is simply creating tides and waves of testosterone in a woman’s humdrum world and with a seduction guide, you can let the women you want to get diffused in the smoky aura of your seduction game. It really makes hotties crave for you…big time.

Follow these easy to adapt A – F skills from a seduction guide and see the heads of women bowing in front of you –

Act nonchalant. No matter how supercilious and sexy a girl is, there is lots of other on the earth from whom you can pick. Never let the girl think for a second that you are besotted by her beauty and would do anything for just being with her.

Insecurity is simply death when it comes to attracting women. Never let it come on your face that you care that much. Even if you are checking your phone every minute to see if she called you up, you can bet that she is also doing the same thing; therefore do not let it show.

Another trump card from the seduction guide that you can play is to call her infrequently and keep the conversation light. Do not be Dreary. Try to stay away from routine things. She does pay a damn to your landscaping job or the kind of fertilizer you use. An Alpha male has a fascinating life that he invites a girl into, in case you do not possess that, be mysterious about it.

No Roses, jewellery, trinkets or candy for her. Simply save that for her birthday or Christmas Eve. However, cards are a bull’s eye choice. Give her a card-preferably still in the purse, with something cute and sweet in it so that whenever she opens and read it, she smile.

Pillow fights, thumb wrestling, tickle fests and karaoke- this all will take her to the flash back moments of her life when she was happy, and you will be the receiver of all her happy and good feelings.

Female friends are good and they are perhaps easy to come by. In case, your “someone” finds that other chicks dig you, she will indeed be more attracted to you.

Be a prized possession:
Be Confident:
Call Sporadically:
Do not buy her presents:
Engage in childlike behaviour with her:
Find other Female Companions:


Love and seduction work in bizarre ways. When the most genuine efforts to lure a girl fail, sheer casual but clever moves can act as drawstrings to attract all the women you have eyes on. Believe us; just try this A – F skills from the seduction guide to see the magic unfolding. To get more info pls visit:

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Seduction Tips For Men: Getting The Woman Of Your Dreams

Just thinking of how to seduce women will surely make a lot of men nervous, intimated, and so on. If you feel like you’ve been pining on the woman of your dreams forever, and you wish to ensure that she’ll share your bed with you, better make use of these seduction tips for men:

First Tip: Never let yourself be seen as ‘average’.

Not being regarded as an ‘average guy’ is included in the list of secrets of seduction that you should learn. If you wish to attract women to you like bees to honey, you should take some steps to make you look like you’re not an average guy.

One thing you can do is to dress to impress; remember that an answer to the question of how to seduce women is to make sure that you look good. Another technique to get noticed positively by the woman of your dreams is to handle yourself with class – make sure that you have good manners, proper etiquette, etc. Why don’t you watch a few TV shows and movies, and then, be like the rich guys, the confident guys, the classy guys, etc, that you see on TV or the movies?

All these are seduction tips for men that teach you how you can appear to be better than average, therefore making it easier for you to seduce any woman.

Second Tip: It’s all about romance.

Another advice on how to seduce women is for you to make an effort to be romantic. What woman would not love to be romanced? Part of the secrets of seduction is to do romantic things such as preparing a candle lit dinner; taking the lady to a private beach; giving her flowers, chocolates, etc.

By being romantic and showing the woman of your dreams that you are sincere, you won’t have problems with making her allow you to make love with her. One of the seduction tips for men that is connected with romancing a girl or lady is to set the right mood, too. Play some jazz music, soft music, and the likes; pour some wine for both of you; ask her to dance a slow dance; and so on – following this tip will surely make you realize how to seduce women properly.

Third Tip: Make her feel that you really want to get to know her.

One of the secrets of seduction that you should not overlook is to make the lady feel that you really want to know more about her, and that the first thing that is on your mind is NOT really to jump on her. You should ask her questions about herself – her likes, her passion, etc. You should let the woman of your dreams talk, and then show her that you really are listening and that you’re interested in what she’s saying. By doing this, you’ll get on her good side, and you’ll up your chances of getting her into bed.

These are very important seduction tips for men that will surely make it possible for you to get the woman you like – no matter how sexy, how smart, and how beautiful she is.

Karen Winton has many seduction articles. To successfully seduce/attract women, follow: Seduction Tips For Men. Another resource that teaches how to be successful with sexy and beautiful ladies is: House Party PUA.


Effective Seduction Tips For Men: Seduce A Woman Successfully

If you’re a man who has lady problems e.g. you can’t seduce a woman, not being able to go on a date with the girl of your dreams, etc, you are not alone. Many men are actually clueless when it comes to the secrets to attract women. In this article, you’ll learn a number of seduction tips for men that will make it easier for you to date or entice into bed a crush, or a lady you’re attracted to.

Tip A: Make sure that you look neat and that you smell clean at all times.

If you are someone who dresses like a slob, or wear clothes that have stains, holes, and if you smell like you’ve not bathed for a few days, then, you’ll surely fail in your goal to seduce a woman. All women do not like men who do not exhibit good personal hygiene. This means that you have to ‘clean up your act’ as that is one of the secrets to attract women. You have to ensure that your fingernails are cut short; your clothes are perfectly ironed; your clothes smell freshly laundered; and so on. If you do the exact opposite, girls will surely run away from you fast!

Tip B: Listen well whenever she’s speaking or talking.

Included in seduction tips for men is for you to really listen to what the woman is saying. This applies whether or not you are on the date with her, or you are planning to ask her to go on a date with you. You see, you’ll find it really hard to seduce a woman if you give her the impression that you’re not interested in listening to what she has to say. If you’re able to listen completely to the lady you’re chatting with, and you show her that she has your full attention, you’ll realize that you’ve uncovered part of the secrets to attract women.

Tip C: Avoid using foul language, be polite, and show good manners.

One of the seduction tips for men that you should always put into practice is to show women that you have etiquette and that you do have good manners. Men who say that chivalry is dead will definitely need months or years to pass by before they are able to effectively seduce a woman that they really like. A lot of women still want to go on a date with men who open doors for them, assist them with carrying heavy bags, not cursing in front of them, and the likes. In other words, good manners and right conduct are surely part of the list of genuine secrets to attract women.

There are other seduction tips for men that are worth applying: never be late for your date; showering her with compliments; and many more. You should become aware that you do have to make an effort and let the woman of your dreams notice that, because if you do, you’ll find it easier to seduce a woman.

Karen Winton gives excellent advice on relationship and dating. To seduce women through the power of your mind, see: Dream Invaders Crash Course. Want to increase your psychic power? Read: Psy-Course Package.


Humor & Seduction – How to Make a Woman Laugh

When you conjure up the image of an “attractive guy” in your mind, what kind of qualities do you think he possesses?

Is he tall? Good looking? Blonde? Big muscles?

Maybe you even picture a famous actor, like Brad Pitt or Josh Hartnett.

Whatever image comes to your mind, all you have to remember is that it is most likely WRONG.

See, it takes more than physical good looks to attract the kinds of women you desire to you. Sure, good looks help, but if you don’t have anything beyond that, you’re going to have a hard time.

Understand that the most attractive traits a man can possess has nothing to do with his physical appearance, and EVERYTHING to do with his personality!

The reason for this is because a person’s personality is what influences the emotions of the people around him.

A guy who is outgoing, engaging, and fun will have people FLOCK to him, because he makes them feel good and have a good time.

And when you break everything down, having a good time with someone else is the fundamental building block of attraction!

That is why humor is so important. A guy who can make a girl laugh will be able to generate all kinds of fun, positive emotions inside her.

And I always like to say – if you can get a girl to have fun with you, you can get her to sleep with you!

So let’s talk about what I mean when I say “Humor.” Because strangely enough, lots of guys don’t understand this.

Humor isn’t just about making jokes and being funny. If you don’t have those abilities, don’t fret, because you can still use humor to help you out.

It’s all about making people feel good.

Have you heard the phrase “You are in good humor today?” It’s a reflection of your attitude. Positive and happy. By being humorous, you create this feelings in others.

And when you think about it, isn’t that all comedians do?

So when it comes to using humor with women, don’t worry about trying to make her laugh. It’ll come naturally. First of all – be sure to project positive emotions.

Smile at her. Relax. Lighten up. Give her a few compliments. Ask her some genuine questions about herself.

Tell her stories about who you are that are interesting.

And don’t be afraid to joke around. Tease her. Make some fun of yourself. Play some games with her.

Play against expectations, and try not to go along with what she’s normally expecting from you. This is where the “funny” part of humor comes into play.

For instance, if you’re at dinner, and the waiter asks you what you’d like to drink, you can turn to your date and say “If I get a beer, you won’t try and take advantage of me when I’m in my inebriated state, will you? ‘Cause I don’t put out on the first date!”

When you say that with a wink and a nod, girls will respond humorously to it, because you’re doing a role reversal.

If she teases you, instead of trying to defend yourself, go along with it. If she says “Oh my God, you are such a dork!” you could say “Yeah, wait until you see my pocket protector and embarrassingly large collection of Star Wars figurines. Then you’ll get really turned on. Don’t lie, I know you’re totally into Dork Love.”

That’s so much cool and more of a fun response than saying something like “I’m not a dork, you’re the dork.” You play along, then you turn the tease into something positive.

Most importantly, you have to keep a playful attitude the entire time you do this. You can’t take yourself (or your date) too seriously, otherwise you won’t have a good time. Laugh at yourself, laugh at her, and relax about it.

If you blow a joke and it comes off wrong, you can laugh it off by saying “D’oh, that came off wrong.” If you acknowledge a bad joke, most people will let you recover from it. Comedians do it all the time. Conan O’Brien does this every show he does, in fact.

If you have a good sense of humor, it will take you far in getting the women to feel attraction towards you. Just enjoy yourself, have a good time, and it will come naturally.

Discover more great advice on how to meet women by visiting Joseph Matthew’s homepage and signing up for his complimentary meet women newsletter.

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